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The *Hel+Movement* “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu ****
(Sun Wu: year 545 bc Japanese General)

Cross Family

Grandpa Lawrence, my Grandma Lottie  is my heart and soul the 4 Cross boyz! (Uncle Barry the baby of the family in blue, Uncle Mark, My Dad the 2nd oldest, Uncle Larry the oldest) (Akron,OH)

My Family

Dad, Mom, the 4 Cross girlz! (Lisa, Me, Cheryl in blue and Heather the baby in pink) (Valdosta, Georgia)


The Cross Family

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the Hel+Forums, my members and I participate in coming up with solutions, release pent-up thoughts, and having a voice on World Issues. {{I created three forums (Politics-News/Sports/Surf) in 2010 and turned the **Hel+** brand into a company 2 years later.}} **Hel + LLC is very similar to The Matrix if you take the red pill (The terms “red pill” and “blue pill” refer to a choice between revealing an unpleasant or otherwise life-changing truth, represented by the red pill, and(/or) remaining in blissful ignorance, represented by the blue pill. The terms reference the 1999 film The Matrix. Wikipedia)** In addition, (“You can take the girl out of the south, but you can never take the south out of the girl!”)
(In Dimension Earth) If I were to run for President of the United States of America, my platform would be: put a CROSS on it, FIGHT THE ESTABLISHMENT with “Non-Violence” & RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE with “Non-Violence”
via the Hel+Forums is 

The *Hel+Movement* “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu ****
(Sun Wu: year 545 BC Japanese General) 

True success is not reaching “Higher powers that be”, status.
True success is not reaching wealth, status.
True success is not reaching ELITE, status.
True success is not reaching fame, status…
that is NOT God, talking to you!
True success is knowing you are not going to spend your eternity in complete & utter DOOM
(Dimension Eternal Doom)

…->>>>>>now that, is GOD, talking to you!
“…In that day the Lord will punish
the powers in the heavens above
and the kings on the earth below.
They will be herded together
like prisoners bound in a dungeon;
they will be shut up in prison
and be punished after many days.
The moon will be dismayed,
the sun ashamed…”Isaiah 24:22
PLEASE CHECK YOURSELF MORALLY…that includes employers, corporations, & companies, all over the world!

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**** Hel+ is the KEY ****

Capitol Hill

@ The National Mall in Washington, D.C. “near Capitol Hill” {{Standing in front of The United States Capitol}}

Hel+ connects people of differing opinions, encouraging the discussion of heavy, but important topics such as politics and religion; topics that are tiptoed gently around in normal conversation.

 I’m a Politics-News, Sports, & Surf International Blogger who was a “Air Force Military Brat” for 23 years…so gooooooo Air Force!! At the age of 5, my family moved from Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines to Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA. (My 3 sisters & I grew up watching my dad & his crew build F-16 Fighter Jets, from scratch.) We were stationed at Moody Air Force Base in South Georgia for 13+ years. (Being stationed at one base for this long is un-heard of, for a military family!)  At the end of my junior year of high school, my father got orders to Sheppard Air Force Base, TX. (a Air Force “distinguished” *NATO* Training base…where “distinguished” enlisted and officer instructors, are stationed.) It was there where I worked at the Officer’s Club as a server, and served distinguished *NATO* Four-Star Generals. In 1999 my father retired from the Air Force, as a Master Sergeant (Senior Non-Commissioned Officer). I then moved from Texas and back to the southeastern part of the states and have lived in Jacksonville, FL since 1999. I had a excellent excellent excellent experience being a Air Force Brat and I thank the Air Force + my Dad, for that!

Now as a adult I work for the Federal Government, *Department of Defense* (DoD), as a Navy Civilian Government Employee for a “government and waterfront” private contracting company who helps defense contractors like Bath Iron Works, a subsidiary of General Dynamics along with other contractors like Lockheed Martin & Boeing, build-repair naval ships, missile launchers, and other cool stuff for the Navy, from scratch!

On January 2010, I created 3 Hel + forums {politics-news, sports, & surf}, and then turned the **Hel+** brand into a company 2 years later. In the Hel+Forums, my members and I, participate in coming up with solutions, release pent-up thoughts, and having a voice, on world issues! 
I also owned a small company, Hel+LLC from 2010-2020, which also stands for Hel+LawrenceLottieCross, & Hel+Sports…plus, I work for a locally owned Jacksonville Beach Boxing Gym as their administrator and sports photographer.

My grandparents, Cross + Gordora are my heroes! My mother is my hero and is the best cook in the whole wide world!! My father is also my hero & is the 2nd oldest of 4 boys.  I’m the 2nd oldest of 4 girls. My parents have 4 girls: Lisa, Me, Cheryl, & Heather. I’m the 4th of 9 grandchildren. I was raised on family, culture, religion, and sports.

I was baptized a Catholic so was my upbringing, but then moved & attended a Methodist Church in South Georgia when I was 10 years old. My toddler younger sisters (at the time) & I was members of the youth group, because it was within walking distance from our house. I’m a Catholic Christian, but my true identity is spirituality! 😉 The youth members there are still friends with my sisters and I, to this day.  We all have known each other since we were children. I believe that there is a God and/or Higher Being (s), but at the same time I respect other’s beliefs and religion. I am not one of those that shove my religion or beliefs down people’s throats.

I live on the SOUTHSIDE of Jacksonville, FL! Jacksonville, FL is a “hidden jewel” in America! It has the ocean, batting cages, a pro-football sports team, has one of America’s Best NFL Sports Team Owners: “Shad Kahn“, & has my boxing gym ♥ Military Brat!! Goooo Air Force!! My hometowns are in GA, FL, TX, and the Philippines. Luvs Football (GO Dawgs, JAGS, and Falcons), Music, Fashion, Politics, World History, Surfing, Boxing & Golf!


♥ Pinay, Chinese, and Spanish ♥
**Thank you for checking out helcross.com**
Helen Cross
Owner and CEO, Hel + LLC and Hel + Sports
Sports Photographer, Administrator + Member @ HG Boxing Gym  (JAX Beach, Florida)
I hope you have an AWESOME day!! 🙂


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