Buddy Price; Republican, Jacksonville, FL


Jamaal R. Brown; Independent, Jacksonville, FL

James Johnston; Jacksonville, FL

Buddy Price; Republican, Jacksonville, FL The Helcross website has helped me keep up with politics more than the newspaper or any other news outlets. It helps that the website I use as my daily news source belongs to a surf buddy of mine and is friends with one of my sisters. I’m proud to know the Website Owner. Back to the website, I would like to point out that in the Hel+Forum/Blog keeps me entertained and educated on current world issues at the same time. The website is very user friendly and a lot of fun to checkout.I recommend that you checkout helcross.com
Jamaal R. Brown
Independent, Jacksonville, FL
I think the website is something that is needed today. I think that more people should take to the streets, to the world wide web, and voice their opinion. We live in a country where if we don’t like something we can take it to the streets and force change.I like the direction that this movement is going*Please keep up the good work.*

James Johnston
Jacksonville, FL

The Helcross page is an excellent resource for information and discussion of the events and evolution of politics in America. The forums are heavily populated with the thoughtful, intelligent insight of the many people whom Helen has encountered in her life, as well as the growing number of users who found their way here via internet searches. While there is always the occasional ‘troll’ or troublemaker in any open forum, for the most part the users of this site are civil and enthusiastic, with a bit of sarcasm thrown in. Both sides are represented in the discussions and while the rhetoric can often get fiery, the concern for the well-being of our country and its people is at the forefront of the users’ minds.The site differs from many others in that the moderator/mediator/instigator is very visible and known to many of the users of the site. Helen’s personality and enthusiasm are prevalent in all aspects of the site. She puts herself out there on a medium that is known for a predilection for privacy and anonymity. It is much easier to sling stones and arrows when you don’t have the face of another human being as your target. Helen’s bravery in putting her face on her product is only matched by her contagious enthusiasm for discussing and resolving the problems we all face as Americans. For that we can all take a cue and join the conversation, put forth potential solutions and learn to appreciate that the differences in our opinions and our ability to freely communicate them is what makes our country strong.

The *Hel+Movement* “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu ****
(Sun Wu: year 544 bc Japanese General)

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